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In 2008 we started the computer lab at VSAI. Our objective was to introduce computers to differently abled children so that they are able to use a variety of software  and it prepares them for a vocation in the computer field.
Based on the success of this programme and keeping in mind the increasing demand for computer education among the economically less advantaged, a decision was taken to expand the lab. A generous donation enabled us to build a larger computer lab which currently has 15 computers. This enables us to provide almost 150 children and youth computer education free of cost. To date almost 2500 students have been trained in Computer Skills.


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We also run four short-term modules, each of three-months duration.  While these courses are stand alone, they are graded in such a way that a student, on completion of one can move to the next level. A student who completes all 4 courses receive a certificate. Over the past two years, the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) has recognized our lab as a training centre and permitted us to run their certified computer training programmes. This certification greatly facilitates employment opportunities for our graduating students. Many of our students have got jobs based on the skills learnt in the computer course.

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