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Annual Events

Since its inception, VSAI has been committed to organizing various Inter School events. Over the year, one event is scheduled every month. This event is open to all schools and NGOs that work with differently abled children in Delhi and the National Capital Region. The events provide a platform for the students to showcase their creative and intellectual skills. Each event sees more than 100 participants.

All events are conducted and judged keeping in mind the age, learning level and/or the different kinds of challenges faced by the participants.

Some of the events are :-



First started in 1990, this Inter-School Music Competition provides a platform for the differently abled children to compete in four separate categories; Classical Music, Light Music, Instrumental Music, and Group Singing.


This annual festival gives an opportunity to children to showcase their talents in the area of dance and drama. Each year, VSAI selects a theme for the festival and all groups work with the same theme. Winning entries are decided on the basis of creativity, artistic input, quality of production, as well as the number of children involved in the performance.



The Rangoli event is now in its 15th year. It celebrates the arrival of Spring. Children gather in large numbers to draw colourful Rangoli patterns on the floor. In addition to the traditional coloured powders, the contestants are encouraged to use various innovative mediums including waste material. This festival has evolved over the years to go beyond just Rangoli making with an additional element of flower arrangement and garland making.


Started more recently, VSAI hopes to lessen the digital divide that exists not just between different economic strata but also the very visible divide between children who are differently abled and those who are not. The festival enables children to demonstrate their computer skills in areas such as word processing, use of programmes like paint brush and other software usage. Assistive technology like adapted key boards and JAWS software is used to make the festival more inclusive. The winners serve as excellent role models for others to join the computer courses that VSAI runs.



As an ongoing activity, the weaving workshop at VSAI trains children in the art of weaving. In addition to weaving yarns like cotton, jute and wool, the children are trained to weave waste plastic and recycle it into useful attractive products such as bags, wallets and purses. This training in weaving helps children to acquire an income generating skill while also learning the importance of environmental protection and conservation.
The annual weaving contest not only provides a space for these students but also for many more to explore their creative and artistic talents.


Among our most successful and prestigious annual events is the Annual Art Competition. This event draws entries from children and youth of all ages and disabilities including those who are visually impaired. The contest has grown from strength to strength and is now an All India Event. Every January VSAI allots a theme and invites participating schools to send the art work done by differently abled students. An ‘Art Council’ is specially formed to judge the paintings. The winning entries are classified by age groups and disabilities. Handsome prizes are given and the Council spends approximately One lakh rupees annually on this.
The programme’s popularity is seen in the number of entries received which now exceed one thousand. VSAI selectively uses the submitted art works in its calendars, greeting cards and other materials. These materials created using the art work generated through the competition, further promote the artist’s talent. Time and finances permitting we  also hold an Art Exhibition.  The last Art Exhibition we had was at the Arpana Caur Art Gallery, where we sold over  70 paintings. The show was inaugurated by the Joint Secretary - Ministry of Culture.

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